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Curatorial Statement
Experimental animation is not just about fancy visual effect!
The contemporary experimental animation in Taiwan has exceed mere pursue of OP Art. Guiding directly to the heart of the diffusion between Animation and Video Art, experimenting had become the inevitable path toward pursuing freedom in any visual art. Expanded Experimental Animation Festival IV invites animators across Taiwan to display the different dimensions of creation that has hence derived from experimenting.
The fourth Expanded Experimental Animation Festival, unlike previous exhibitions, has multiple forms of display. In Digital Art Center, Taipei, there are multiple screening methods, animation video installation, scenery display, ect.. It is also the first time this exhibition arranges highlighted director screening to express the dynamic interpretation of Animation.
Expanded Experimental Animation Festival is a series screening platform featuring Taiwanese animation artists as the protagonists. It has attempted to be the bridge between Experimental Animation and Contemporary Visual Arts since 2014. Bringing up the diffusions that have been happening, the exhibition presents how animation can mix with different mediums and visual languages to break through traditional narrating framework in the hands of creators. Infinite possibility of manifestation can derived from this process and become brand new art glossary.
Zhang Xu Zhan takes animations as practices of art and various possibilities of expanding viewing experiences and forms of images. Zhang Xu’s works are mainly full of weird and bizarre images. The content always combines day-to-day contemporary life experiences with ridiculous images covered by to discuss the decay of existence and the carnival and loneliness that never ends.
Hsiang-Wen CHEN
Artistic Director in Digital Art Center, Taipei, Curator.
Chang-Jay SHIH《Post Human》
Shih Chang-Jay is a professor in the Multimedia and Animation Arts Department at National Taiwan University of Arts. He has devoted to create independent animation for a long time. Since his college student days, he started making 8mm short animations and experimental films and produced experimental theaters. He has won the Golden Harvest Short Film Competition several times. After graduation, he and his friends founded Hide-and-Seek Clay Animation Studio which is the first clay animation studio in Taiwan. He was the member of Executive Committee of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in the 31st, 34th, 41st, 48th awards ceremony, and his work Post Human took the Best Short Animation Film in the 32nd awards ceremony.
Wen-Ming HSIEH《The Garden of Delights》
Hsieh Wen-Ming is an animation director who establishes his animation styles with creepy oriental features. The surreal narratives depict the boundaries of good and evil. And he also takes paranoia and shame as reasonable feelings and praises the dark side of human nature, such as loneliness and destruction in his works. Meat Days was nominated at International Short Film Festival Berlin 2008 and won Best Animated Short in San Diego Asian Film Festival. In 2012, the Present won Best Short Animation at Taipei Film Festival and received a nomination in Sundance Film Festival.
Ching-Hsuan LIN《Unidentified》
Filmmaker and artist. Her research interests include moving images, animation and contemporary art. Her works focus on time and memory through experimental approach. She won the “Best Animation” prize both at the Taipei Film Festival and South Taiwan Film Festival, the “Special Mentions of the International Jury” prize at Fimfest Dresden – International Short Film Festival, Germany.
Yu-Liang LIN《Relay Race》
Lin mostly focuses on loop-animation, placing several objects, symbol, virtual interface, and text in a single image. He creates a narrative by motions within each other. Recently working on combining loop-animation and installation. Also trying to search the possibility of image, interface, and space, by the perspective of image projecting interface.
Jyun-Jie YANG《You Make Me Look Like A Freak》
Yang Jyun-Jie utilizes hand-drawn animation to create artworks. Using shattered scenes, the existence and collapse of characters as key points, he demonstrates bizarre daily experiences, the slices of sub- consciousness. His works were awarded the 16th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award 2014 and nominated Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival in 2013.
Yi-Yu TSAI《Tiny Tragedy In Life》
Tsai was born in Chiayi, Taiwan. Libra. Slow-paced living, sometimes anxious sometimes hesitated. Yi-Yu tries to define self’s own status in her practice, and find a delicate balance in her twisted funny life in between creative mind and reality struggles. Her work Tiny Tragedy In Life had been nominated in the animation category of South Taiwan Film Festival 2017.
Poyen WANG《To the Stranger who Meets Me in the Darkness》
Wang Poyen was born in Taiwan and is based in New York and Taipei. He received his master’s degree at the School of Visual Arts with a Paula Rhodes Award in Computer Art in 2017. He uses 3D animation and installation as his primary medium, examining how the digital culture impacts our perceptions to the reality in the contemporary condition.
Yu-Han YE《The Big Bowl》
Born in Keelung. Ye Yu-Han specializes in the visual design and stop-motion animation. She is currently an on-site artist at Zheng Bin Fishing Harbor, participating in the development of a local community. Love Dishes was nominated in the 38th Golden Harvest Awards. Her artworks, seemly bold and imaginative, are actually rooted in the affections on local places. Deeply fascinated with stop-motion animation, she adepts this way to make her works fantastical and vivid.
Ho CHUANG《Into The Mountain》
Chuang Ho was born in Taipei. Most of Chuang’s works are hand-drawn animation. He regards “stop-motion’’ as a reconfiguration process of time and space, and emphasizes emotions and meanings created through lines during a series of frames, resembling the unrepeatability of time that shows the tranquil fluidity.
Lawa《Subway Commute》
Born in the late 1990s. Lawa is used to creating artworks rather than speaking. He has been engaged in animation creation for three years and is now the co-founder of NullsDesign. He is expert in motion design, 2D hand-drawn animation and illustration, including commercial design and animation creation. His works focus on trivial observations of surrounding lifeworld and the mixed feelings and sadness of the milieu he lived in. Wander in the dark received the Best Short Animation Film in Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2016.
Chen Yen-Liang started drawing after he bought a racing game. He learned 3d animation in university, and continued to specialize in Animation Arts in the MFA Program, while he changed his direction and learned 2d hand-drawn animation on his own, and produced Two Dots(2015), Be Yourself(2016), and Dreaming of journey to the west(2016). After he created AM I ORIGHT, he made his decision to focus on Sounds by resorting to the form of Animation Arts.
Chung’s artistic practice focuses on animation, using surreal images and performances to articulate the changing nature of emotion, modern love relationships and the queer community. He likes exploring poetry in vulgarity. His work has been selected in international film festivals such as Annecy International Animated Film Festival, London International Animation Festival etc. He has taken part in group exhibitions and artist residencies internationally and been featured in Dazed Media.
Yi-Min WANG《Without Tears》
Born in Taichung. Wang Yi-Min had won the Best Animation Short in the Golden Harvest Awards. Based on the understanding and conception of the complexity of life and love, she tries to make a short film Without Tears to clarify a little part of it.
Director in Focus
Ping Wong
Wong Ping is one of Hong Kong’s most exciting emerging artists. Flashing, pop-like imagery; visual and auditory narrations that explicitly touch upon sex, politics and social relations; vibrant installations that extend into three dimensions the artist’s fantastical animation world — these are but cornerstones of Wong Ping’s practice that combines the crass and the colorful to mount a discourse around repressed sexuality, personal sentiments and political limitations. Hong Kong born and raised, Wong Ping discusses his observations of society, from teenage to adult-hood, using a visual language that sits on the border of shocking and amusing.
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