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Expanded Experimental Animation Festival V VOLUME UP!


    “Expanded Experimental Animation Festival” is a screening and performance platform protagonized by Taiwanese animation art creators. Since 2014, it has intended to play a bridging role that merges and interleaves experimental animation contexts and contemporary visual arts, proposing various ongoing confluences. The word “animation” is presented by creators from different fields. The mix of various media and visual languages is jumping out from the traditional narrative framework, leading to a future appearance of infinite possibilities and forming a brand-new artistic lexicon.

    In the fifth year with a theme of “VOLUME UP”, several Taiwanese young animation artists/directors, as well as animation artworks from Japan, Korea, and Singapore, were invited to join the event, hoping to expand the experiments with mixed cross-field features. Animation creators of diversified styles are gathered together to break through the boundaries of the media. You maximize the rotate button in order to freely present your intuitions and inner feelings.


    ZHANG XU Zhan

    Born in 1998, Zhang graduated from the New Media Art Department of TNUA. He uses animation and video installations to implement art creation and has long been exploring the possibilities of expanding movie-watching experiences with animation. He is also proficient in art creation combining media such as expanding cinema, experimental animation, video installations, large multi-channel video installations, as well as installation and sculptured objects. He is now a full-time art animation director, contemporary artist, and “real-life Karen” stories collector.
    His solo exhibition in Taipei Fine Art Museum (2022),and is 59th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Best short animation Winner.


    CHEN Hsiang Wen

    Curator with a background in art history and art critics. Highly addicted to mobile phones and the Internet, as well as a cat-lover, she is currently the Art Director of the Digital Art Center in Taipei. The focus of her studies is on recordings and various new media art.


    CHENG Jung An

    Born in 1996, majoring in Psychology, started cross-field experimental image creation during her time at the Graduate Institute of Communication Design at Shih Chien University. Her animation works consist of stop-motion animations and real-shot images. With an ambiance of magical realism, her work presents the spiritual illusions of death, nightmare, and subconsciousness.   

    HUANG Shih Yen

    Born in 1990 in Taiwan –
    HUANG Shih Yen is a visual artist who lives and works in Paris.
    With more than ten years of experience and research in art video and oil painting, I focus on the marks of memory in objects and space through drawing and animation.

    HU Yi Fei

    Born in Taipei in 2000, HU Yi Fei graduated from the Department of New Media Art of Taipei National University of the Arts. Her works are mostly image creations with 3D animations. Recently, she started a comic project which uses hand-painted comics to record emotions, memories, and dreams. Then, she further extended graphic design into motion pictures.

    ​​The images are mostly based on personal emotions and memories. With a casual narrative approach, it intends to capture sensations at that instant of life. The murmurs of the characters are the guidance to the lucid dream world. It is also an attempt to let viewers resonate inadvertently in different moments as they can feel the emotions and the subtle romantic feelings streamed out from the images.

    TAN Wei Keong

    TAN Wei Keong (b. 1984) is an animation filmmaker who explores his gay identity through personal storytelling and fantasy worlds. He is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents 2022 and a resident at SFFILM FilmHouse for his next short and feature development.
    His film, Kingdom (2018), has been selected to compete at the Berlin International Film Festival. His films have achieved recognition on numerous occasions at the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), including the Best Singapore Short Film Award for Between Us Two (2017), Special Mention for Hush Baby (2009) and the Special Achievement Award for White (2007). His highly acclaimed body of work received international recognition at many film festivals, including those at Annecy, Zagreb, Stuttgart and Toronto. He was awarded the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council of Singapore in 2019.


    Raito Low

    Raito Low, an animation director from Malaysia based in Taiwan. Specializing in stop-motion animation. Currently studying at NTUA MAA master’s program, working as an Artist-in-Residency“51WEMEN” studio in THAV.  Adhering to the spirit of experimental animation, using plants as the incarnations of females, find the similarities between women and plants, and create a personal visual vocabulary that combines feminism and nature. Personal directed work including Fisso, Blüte, Blumentanz.

    CHEN Pin Chen

    Born in 1999 in Taipei, CHEN Pin Chen graduated from the Department of New Media Art of Taipei National University of the Arts. Her works are mostly image creations with 3D animations which are predominantly experimental and fused with multimedia image installations. Recently, the tone of her image style is perceived as absurdity, quirkiness, and surrealness shown by the humorous and hilarious characters. Fragmented narrative in closed space brings out the monologue in ordinary life, as well as the contradictory psychological state, leading the viewers into the imperfect theatrical word with an internal soliloquy. In addition to image creations, she also likes to extend her style into three-dimensional works which are packaged into toys and other peripherals. Sometimes, she would join in some bands’ visual design.

    KUO Qing Yu

    Born in 1997 in Tainan, she is currently living in Taipei. Graduated from the Department of New Media Art of Taipei National University of the Arts, she makes video creations of non-linear narratives with 2D hand-painted animations. Recently, she is trying to combine video creations with other three-dimensional media in order to enrich the dramatic tension. The videos are mostly explorations of shared sensations. The style is often tranquil and exquisite without any kind of disturbance. Filled with a low-key yet marvelous worldview, the focus is on the emotional expansion in one’s life story. Stories and curiosities are proposed, without forcing people to accept them, without pushing people to give a conclusion. The audience is given the chance to explore their own memories, which eventually leads to the same emotional resonance.


    His creative media are mostly dynamic images, space installations, and compound media works. The focus of his recent works is on the interesting yet peculiar phenomenon in society, as well as the relationship between man and technology. The captions are all based on his own experiences or humor. He is also interested in fantastic and magical texts, so recently, he has been studying Taiwan’s folklore, legends, and traditional culture, as well as 3D model-making technology to exploit the possibility of tradition-modernism integration.  

    Yoko Yuki

    Born in 1987, Aichi, Japan, currently based in Tokyo.

    She loved painting and playing with video cameras since childhood, so she found the fun in animation.

    Her video arts and painting in a variety of materials are inspired by everyday events.

    Her main works are “See ya Mr.Banno!” which is based on vague and mysterious memories from her childhood, “Zdravstvuite!” depicting a day with a stranger she met in a seaside town, “A Snowflake into the Night” adapted from a poem by contemporary artist Tomoko Konoike, and the music video “ShalaBonBon” co-produced with musician BonnouShimizu.

    The latest work, In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket / Mini-Mini-Pokke no Okina Niwa de was inspired by her picture diary.

    Jeong Dahee

    Korean animation director. Studied Communication Design in Seoul. After working in advertising, went to France and got a Master’s in Animation at the ENSAD in Paris. Since 2013 Dahee has been working as an independent animation film director and producer. Her first film, Man on the Chair (2014), was presented at the Directors’ Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival, won the Cristal Grand Prix at the Annecy Int’l Animated Film Festival. The Empty (2016) won the Grand Prix at the Hiroshima Int’l Animation Festival and was screened at over 100 film festivals around the world. Her latest film, Movements (2019) was presented at the Directors’ Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival. She has been a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 2018. Currently teaching in the department of Visual Communication Design at Hongik University.

    YAO Tzu Hao

    Born in 2000 in Kaohsiung, YAO Tzu Hao’s father is a pastor and illustrator and his mother is an illustrator, which is why he grew up with gospel music and mystical biblical stories. As he likes drawing, he studied an art-major senior high school and right now is a student in the Department of New Media Art of Taipei National University of the Arts, a graphic designer, and a photographer. He adores fish bowl landscaping, framing, centered composition, and old Windows XP mini-games.
    His works use daily trivial things as the main elements. Based on images of mixness and fantastic world view, various media such as photography, painting, 3D animation, sound collection, and others, are collected and conflated into peculiar, incomplete, lazy, and dream-like narratives.
    Sometimes, his works explore the relationship between men with the environment and space, or else, visit the dark childhood memories in the life scroll.


    The team”2ENTER” was founded in 2021 and is composed of new media artists – En-qi Zhuang, Zheng-wei Chen, Jie-yi Chiu, Ji-rongLiu. Image installations, animations, network information, and game engines are used for their visual art creations. Recently, its works are focused on the translation of contemporary symbols based on the collection of a massive amount of network data; they are restructured in the game engines, constructing a virtual ecosystem within its works.


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