CHEN Chen Yu, CHEN Jun Yu, HSIEH Yung Cheng

Communication apps and online platforms outstretch to everywhere and occupy every
moment of everyday life. Keeping hands sticking to smartphones and eyes fixed on glowing
screens, by palm-sized screens, monitors in office and view-packing LED advertising boards
on street, fancy images and video contents colonize our thinking and brains. Artworks timely
reflect their creators’ living states. Streaming information, videos by social media influencers
and meme materials have penetrated creations of many young artists in substance. Digital
Art Center Taipei curated Walking Dead, Meme, Bad Weather and invited three artists to tell
the stories of personal sensual experiences in Internet art or new media art at present via
parodies, memes and installations in their productions.


Opening & Guide Tour
5/30 15:00

Artist talk
6/20 15:00
HSU Shin-Yu X CHEN Chen-Yu X CHEN Jun-Yu X HSIEH Yung-Cheng

7/18 16:00
Little sexy young pig/special issue: Do your Best.