Melody of Motion_Olifa Hsieh solo show

Melody of Motion
A limited space becomes unlimited by allowing people inside to perceive distinguished
hearing experience at their every movement.
“Melody of Motion” takes the image of the Mandarin Chinese character “洄” to represent
the concept of water swirling, and the character as a pictograph as well displays the
symbol of a transmitting dynamic of energy in motions of surrounding, whirling, flowing
from or around an invisible center of an energy source. After the sound installation, “A
Sound Journey” at National Taichung Theater, sound artist Olifa Hsieh again applies the
full-sphere surround sound format, Ambisonics, and combines it with the technology of
3D motion detection to set up “Melody of Motion”, the immersive sound installation.
I imagine that sound can be tactile like water, and it has the full potential to fluid and
change without limits in space. I would like to simulate the sense of touch by using
Stepping in the installation, the audience can feel they are surrounded by sounds coming
from all directions. The changing coordination of their physical movements causes a
series of production of data that promptly adjusts and changes the contents of sounds.
The dynamic of movements creates immediate interactions between the participants’
bodies and the sounds, so that all the invisible sounds forms a kind of intimacy with the
engaging bodies. Therefore, sound becomes palpable and visible, moves like water softly
and subtly, and creates an immersive experience of hearing and touching in the unlimited,
fluid space.

Artist | Olifa Hsieh
Sound Programming | Chiyou Dean
Multi-channel Technology | Tingyu Hsu
Motion Detection Technology | Evan Chung
Sponsors | MidiMall Inc. FocusVision Technology