FLOW – Glimpse and Flying Ding Chien-Chung x Yu Shi-Fu

In this exhibition, Ding Chien-Chung creates a new piece of video art work, following his recent “Damp-Change Color Ink” project. In the way of real-time shooting, the scenes and memories of daily life are provoked, which display images of time-flowing. The fragments in the image flows and the unclear psychological states string together a road between life and art. By making this momentary process more specific, the artist chooses to expose a deviating kind of heterogeneous feelings from everyday life. This exhibition displays the image and installation of “the Elapse” — the wavering, flowing, and turning of FLOW — on the edge of spatial time, triggering the audience’s imagination to create possibilities.


Like flying, “FLOW” is a lasting continuous movement that corresponds with the exhibition theme. Yu Shi-Fu picked several pieces from “Flight Plan”, transforming the mechanical components of precipitating into an elegant and dynamic sculpture. Through light and mechanical parts, he tries to manifest the condition of flying and interprets the idea of “what is flying” from an artistic perspective.



opening 09.07 14:00


talk 09.21 14:00-15:30

Chang Li-Hao x Ding Chien-Chung x Yu Shi-Fu


10.12 14:00-17:00

Flight Plan Workshop

Speaker Yu Shi-Fu


To deliver stable performance of a kinetic installation, it takes extensive work on computations, proofing, structural testings and motion testings for a perfect condition. In this experiential workshop, participants will learn to assemble, install and operate machinery, and have full understanding of the working process of kinetic installations.