Dian hué, On-gu, Ti-kang, Po Ge-hué

Dian hué, On-gu, Ti-kang, Po Ge-hué

Digital Art Center, Taipei is located at Lanxing Village, Shilin District, Taipei City. The spot is in the central
Shilin district, surrounded by Shilin, Zhishan, and Tianmu areas. " Shilin, full of lighting; Shipai, full of rice;
Suann-tíng, full of pork; Nanya, full of rich people. " This fun folk saying has been passed down to depict the
crowded streets in Shilin with lots of streetlights, red turtle cakes for rituals for the spirits made of rice
harvested in Shipai, pig farmers in the Mt. Yangming, and the rich living in Lanya area at the time. Nowadays,
it is still an accurate footnote to the prosperity of Shilin District.

Today’s Shilin District can be seen as the miniature of the international City with foreign cultures
constantly taking roots and developing unique cultural landscapes within the local community. A lot of
expats choosing to live here, from generation to generation, have developed feature coffee shops and
specialty small bites in the alleys. The warmth and kindness of the local lasting in the neighborhoods can
easily connect people with the prosperous scenes of the past. This exhibition invites artists having long-
term dedication in taking digital art as their creative approach to link the art with the rich humanity and

history of the community and present the stories to the public. The local context can nourish more
creative works. We would like to welcome everyone to experience and appreciate the sparks between
the past and the current, and of digital media and memories.

Date : 2020.08.29~10.10

Artists: LEE Yung-Chih, WANG Shao-Gang X FENG Zi-Ming,, LIN Jia-Yi, CHANG Wei-Lun, TANG Tang-Fa,

Event :

2020.8.29  15:00
Opening & Guide Tour

2020.08.29, 09.04, 09.05  11:00-18:00
TANG Tang-Fa’s Pop up Vendor

Location: Next to Carrefour Tianmu Store

2020.9.12  16:00-18:00
Litho Printing of Geology Workshop
Facilitator: LEE Yung-Chih