DAC x TCAA Wang Ding Yeh solo exibition : Reliving Memories

The re-construction and retrospect of memory is a process of collecting family history by one’s own approach. The progress is to compile interpersonal relationships to open new possibilities of conversation through weaving shared memories. Self-consciousnesses accumulate as people review and compile their own histories, and it traces back to itself along the path of recognition of the past. Via story-making, memories are connected under different aspects and levels.

“Back to Memory” associates with turning to historical contexts, consciousness of one’s self and the relationships of one’s family members. In “Good Night, Madam Susie and Tanya”, a mother combines family stories and her own history to be a bedtime story for her daughter. “Wakabayashi Junnko” is a text of her grandmother’s life experience, who has amnesia, collected by a granddaughter from the senior and elder of the family. As for “Confronting Memories”, it is a passage of a father’s life fragmentally recorded by the five siblings on their group chat. Every family has its own stories engraved in blood and genes that no one can escape as what the stamen “Confronting Memories” makes:

“To face memories,
I need courage.”





Digital Art Center Taipei Project Room