DAC x TCAA Chen Chin Yao:Radio Exercise

There are only three countries in the world that you will find calisthenics broadcasting through the radio. The three countries are Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Everyone must remember the days when one was in elementary school; you can’t stop weaving your hands and legs when you hear a specific melody. The series of movements will eventually be turned into a part your memory, which is to say that the national collectivism is followed to be part of your collective subconsciousness.

This time my work is to cpmplete this series of works, after Japan, Taiwan; I want to make South Korea’s own version of gymnastics. Because of this, the name of this piece is called “International Radio Exercises.” So in addition to exercises, I also contemplated on what is the definition of “international” in these three countries. In recent years, the image South Korea presents to other countries are often K-POP artists, so different from the Japanese version of inviting people from different countries to participate in exercises, and Taiwan’s version that invite Africans. In Korea, I want to be able to find two men and two women who are Korean, in the age from 20 to 30 years old, who meets the criteria of attractive men and women, dressed in typical primary school sports uniforms. Then I want to ask them to join me in Changwon and Masan’s famous landmarks performing exercise. Of course at the same time, I also hope to have Changwon’s local public to participate together in the shooting of the work.(Chen Ching Yao)


Digital Art Center Taipei Project Room