Beyond Consciousness

“Beyond Consciousness”, tries to explore whether the network system constituted by data and algorithms can form a consciousness, and if it is possible, what will it be? A huge database constructed from data uploaded by humans, together with the advancement of artificial intelligence all aggregate into a complex entity. How will this huge collective consciousness perceive and respond to our world? Alongside human development, does a boundary exist under this concept or is it the limit of human activities?
There is still no definitive and clear definition of consciousness in science. Generally speaking, it refers to a person’s cognition of the environment and self, as well as the clarity of this cognition. At the same time, consciousness is also a manifestation of self-recognition.
Artist Wang Lien-Cheng will attempt to explore various possible aspects of machine consciousness in his 2020 solo exhibition. The work, Interior kinematics, utilizes the ball as a simulation of the information transmission process, and the viewers’ vision is reduced into small fragments to discuss the idea of our subtle senses. Summoner, discusses the supernatural phenomena through its connection to electromagnetic induction. Regeneration movement – dot matrix printers, discusses the problem of global electronic wastes and the visualization of information. While Horizon – sea, and Sphere – sun, utilizes artificial intelligence to interpret large volumes of data.