Now, we will carry out an action for you.

“Now, we will carry out an action for you.”

Artist|HCH, Chen Guan-Zhong, Chen Yan-Rong, Wong Kuok-Pan, Ko Ta-Sheng, Pan Yo-Hua

We aim to transform things like devices, videos, and sounds into something unrecognizable. The ultimate goal is to present this obscure thing like a performance, where no one is present and aware. Speaking of this, there are some self-contradictions as we don’t know what will happen next. Maybe just like other places, where audiences go in and out to see the work or simply glance at it. Maybe no one will realize our purposes if I didn’t display it for the viewers to see.

If things go well, we might grasp the good in it, do something to prove ourselves or maddening voices that are loud and tiresome. When it is about to run out of everything, the gentle voices come out of the darkness, as if we are reminded from something said by others. You can experience all with a mechanical eye, like an experiment, you might feel the immediate call of speed. And you can’t wait to use that voice to another place.


2019. 8. 3 (Sat)~ 2019. 8. 31 (Sat)

Live Performance

Wong Kuok-Pan
The New Era of Science Experiment 001

Chen Guan-Zhong
All-Out Effort for Climax

Group Performance

Ko Ta-Sheng/Pan Yo-Hua
Three-kilometer straight acceleration