Expanded Experimental Animation Festival IV


Expanded Experimental Animation Festival IV

Idiots! The essence is the point!

Experimental animation is not just about fancy visual effect!

The contemporary experimental animation in Taiwan has exceed mere pursue of OP Art. Guiding directly to the heart of the diffusion between Animation and Video Art, experimenting had become the inevitable path toward pursuing freedom in any visual art. Expanded Experimental Animation Festival IV invites animators across Taiwan to display the different dimensions of creation that has hence derived from experimenting.

The fourth Expanded Experimental Animation Festival, unlike previous exhibitions, has multiple forms of display. In Digital Art Center, Taipei, there are multiple screening methods, animation video installation, scenery display, ect.. It is also the first time this exhibition arranges highlighted director screening to express the dynamic interpretation of Animation.   

Expanded Experimental Animation Festival is a series screening platform featuring Taiwanese animation artists as the protagonists. It has attempted to be the bridge between Experimental Animation and Contemporary Visual Arts since 2014. Bringing up the diffusions that have been happening, the exhibition presents how animation can mix with different mediums and visual languages to break through traditional narrating framework in the hands of creators. Infinite possibility of manifestation can derived from this process and become brand new art glossary.

Date: February 28th 2019 (Thur.) – April 6th, 2019 (Sat.)

Opening: March 2nd 2019 (Sat.) 14:00

Planning: Zhang Xu Zhan and Chen Hsiang-Wen

Artists: Shih Chang-Jay, Hsieh Wen-Ming, Lin Ching-Hsuan, Lin Yu-Liang, Yang Jun-Jie, Tsai Yi-Yu, Wang Poyen, Yeh Yu-Han, Chuang Ho, Lawa, Chen Yen-Liang, Chung Cheng-Hsu, Wang Yi-Min

Director in Focus: Wong Ping