With the appearance of the dating apps, data matching has created a huge number of encounters on the Internet. As mobile devices have a deeper impact on our life, more ups and downs due to the Internet are happening around us. As users, we upload personal data and wait for the data to calculate into great results. However, what is not seen behind the algorithm is an eternal debate between crisis of personal information, image and love…Digital Art Center curates the exhibition “01_LOVE.” The exhibition invites four video artists to tell stories about human and the future, human and computers, and love scams in different film styles, in order to echoes the connotation of “01_LOVE” of Taipei Digital Art Festival.

Date : 2020.10.24~11.8

Location:Digital Art Center, Taipei

Artists : SuperMeowMeow, WU Yun-Jieh, CHEN Yu-Ming, Yuyen Lin-Woywod

Event :

2020.10.24 15:00 Opening & Guide Tour

2020.11.06 Special Screening & Talk

16:00~18:00「 Her」Filming screening

18:10~19:30  Discussion Wei-Yung MA X Andy Huang

Commentators Introdution :

Andy Huang


Wei-Yung MA