Lifetime Warranty – The Romance of Home Appliances


These familiar terms, “R&D, experiment, creation, incubation, and exchange,” seem to correspond with the spotlight of this exhibition—the home appliances. The word string is as if implying “promising one a future,” radiating a forward-looking, progressive, creative, and innovative atmosphere. In such a new century in which technology merges with humanity, home appliances are often not the first “Messiah” that come into mind. The correlation between home appliances and space, in addition, creates an image of “moving into a new home.” Looking back at the development of Digital Art Center, first launched in 2009, this year, through the exhibition, “Lifetime Warranty—The Romance of Home Appliances,” we hope to “move into the new home” again and start anew.

Home appliances must first be used and purchased before becoming the important “enlighteners” of the artists’ digital life experiences. As the basis of digital experiences, home appliances serve importantly as our argument foundation when we are exploring the connection between human and their daily lives for this exhibition. We hence would like to figure out how digital art can be like in the context of “invention” and “innovation”?