SUPERPOSITION—qbit to adam

SUPERPOSITION—qbit to adam

Chan Sook Choi
Yen Yi Lee
Text / Yen Yi Lee

We rarely mention soil when we talk about land. We are used to talk about land as property, as some sort of land ownership or real estate that clearly outlined boundaries and only with documents or certificates then you are allowed to enter. We read maps through the boundaries between countries, each line represented a border that was governed by militaries and carefully told stories for constructing a nations’ ideology.

Land as data, qbit and to adam

Human adapts the way of occupying land and claiming ownership to the digital world. The way we conceptualize the ownerships of the land as resource are now being translated into databases. Yet such translation is not reversible as the states of land always accompanies temporal and ever changing events with multi-dimensional cross-influences. Chansook Choi here proposes to re-conceptualize land as qbit, with a coherent superposition of both 0 and 1 according to quantum mechanics.

aliens and
Pushed Away and Leaking Out

—Artist note from Chan Sook Choi

Choi proposes possible ways to recover the grammar with mankind and the forgotten land. Not using technology on earth, but to connect her knees on the ground, with women’s blood and flesh, leaking out and pushed away on the bottom of despair. It is perhaps becoming a language of expellee, adding together on the land that contains data collected from dead men’s bodies, to create another valid quantum state.



2020/12/19 Sat. 15:00
Opening & Guide Tour

2020/12/22 Tue. 14:00–16:00
Artist Talk
Artist:Chan Sook Choi
Speaker:Yen Yi Lee(Curator)、Musquiqui Chihying(Artist)
Location:Digital Art Center, Taipei

2020/12/25 Fri. 13:00–17:00
Workshop of Artistic Research This workshop is designed for people who identified as female.
Host:Chan Sook Choi(Artist)
Planning:Yen Yi Lee(Curator)、Shihyu Hsu(Curator of TCAC)
Location:Taipei Contemporary Art Center